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  • MCE2202
Product information "Classic Magazine 2022/2 (English) printed version"

This article is a printed version!

  • 03 Editorial
  • 06 Imprint
  • 08 Contributors
  • 10 warm-up, W 198, R 107, W 201
  • 16 Mercedes is part of the family


    Five places and families in Germany and on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, four generations and a passion that unites everyone: For stars – and little stars! W111, W201, W113, W115, W220
  • 38 Photographic art: champions of their generations
  • Racing car icons from three decades, Mercedes-Simplex 40 hp, W 194, W 196 R,
  • Sauber Mercedes C 9
  • 44 Happy Birthday: 55 years of Mercedes-AMG, A surprise meeting of co-founding father Hans Werner Aufrecht and "Mister DTM", Bernd Schneider, E 55 T, S 55, CLK 55, SLK 55
  • 54 USA: On the streets of the blues, A road trip from New Orleans to Chicago, W 126
  • 62 Captain Gaus: The Digital Pioneer, Meeting with one of the pioneers of electronic networking in cars
  • 68 model check, The best example of a discreet upheaval: the W 201
  • 73 Classics of the future, C 36 AMG
  • 74 Adventure awaits out there, Heading north from the capital Bogotá: on the road with the Mercedes-Benz Club Colombia, W 112, W 116, W 188, W 191,
  • 86 letters to the editor
  • 88 original spare parts: A visit to the Classic Center Fellbach
  • 93 Ask Dr. Giesefeld
  • 94 Marketplace
  • 98 Young Stars, W 201

 The Mercedes-Benz Classic magazine, which is published two times a year, puts the brand’s traditions and the unique history of Mercedes-Benz as the traditional automotive manufacturer worldwide in the spotlight.

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine (text, photos, layout) is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized, in particular, the publication on the Internet, any unauthorized digital or analog and unauthorized duplication for commercial use, distribution or making available content, free of charge or for a fee is prohibited. Commercial use also includes use of the photos/text on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and their circulation within clubs/associations. This also applies to editing or other manipulation of the digital content.
This constitutes an infringement of the German Art Copyright Act (KUG) and as such may be pursued by the authors/photographers.

Publisher: Mercedes-Benz AG · Mercedesstraße 137 · D-70327 Stuttgart

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