1886 Benz patent motor car sterling silver 925

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Product information "1886 Benz patent motor car sterling silver 925"

Benz patent motor cars and Daimler motor cars from 1886
From sterling silver on the scale 1: 43

Pure craftsmanship: The beginnings of Mercedes

1886 was an important year in the development of the automobile: Carl Benz had his three-wheel motor vehicle patented. This is considered the birth of the modern automobile. In the same year, Gottlieb Daimler presented its four-wheeled motor vehicle, laying the foundations for the global brand Mercedes.

The company Reu has now launched this model in the replica of solid sterling silver 925 / - in the scale 1:43 on the market. The individual parts are carefully produced by the wax casting process. For this purpose a model of wax is produced from each piece and a negative is made from investment material. As soon as the embedding compound has hardened, the wax is removed again by heating. Liquid silver is poured into the resulting cavities. After cooling with water, the silver is cleaned with solvent and the sprue parts sawn off. The individual parts of the miniatures are soldered together, deburred and the contours reworked. On Daimler's motor vehicles, the axles are movable and are supported by a rotary-speed control.

Finally, the model is thoroughly cleaned again and preserved for many years by means of a further fine silver coating and anti-tarnish. All work is carried out in traditional silversmith work in Germany.

The edition is limited to 2000 copies, licensed by Daimler AG. The model is delivered in a high-quality packaging in leather optics with transparent acrylic cover. Each vehicle is accompanied by a certificate with the corresponding number of the limitation - this numbering is also reflected on the miniature of the motor vehicle.

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