Benz Patent Motorwagen, green

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Product information "Benz Patent Motorwagen, green"

On 29 January 1886 Carl Benz announces his "vehicle with gas engine" for a patent. The patent DRP 37435 is on the birth certificate of the automobile and coined the name Patent Motorwagen. The first car in the world is a separate structure, with the engine and chassis form an organic unity. Benz has created it as a tricycle because he is not convinced of the usual carriage turntable steering. The ultimate performance of Carl Benz is the consistency with which he can be his visionof the "horseless carriages" to reality: He has the idea of a motor vehicle, designs it, builds it, patented it, tested it, bring it on the market, produces it in series, he developed his invention and make it usable. The Benz Patent Motorwagen, heralds a new era of personal mobility.
Internal designation:   Benz Patent Motorwagen 
Year of construction: 1886  
Color: green
Scale: 1:18
Material: die-casting
Manufacturer: Minichamps