Service manual starting year of construction 1968, W 108 - 113 (German)

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Product information "Service manual starting year of construction 1968, W 108 - 113 (German)"

Types: 280 S/SE/SEL, 280 SE/C, 280 SE//C 3.5, 280 SL, 300 SEL(109.016, 300 SEL 3.5, 300 SEL 6.3
Series: W 108, W 109, W 110, W 111, W 112, W 113
1076 pages
Our workshop manuals have been designed principally for trained personnel and After-Sales staff working in our Mercedes-Benz workshops. Each manual begins with a design group directory which contains the opening to the manual, and is the same for all passenger cars. Little by little, information about the work that is essential in our specialist workshops was added to the group directory by our central service department. It is not comparable to an index. A workshop manual describes repair work in individual stages with the aid of diagrams, photographs and tables.

As the only company to provide such a manual, the Daimler AG is also offering this comprehensive workshop information for private customers. It can provide tips to experienced DIY restorers, but it should not be used as complete set of instructions for a restoration or repair.
Language: German

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