Mercedes-Benz Museum Necklace, Silver (60 cm)

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Product information "Mercedes-Benz Museum Necklace, Silver (60 cm)"

The silver chains are handcrafted with a traditional technique in cooperation with the Thai mountain people "Karen" and are made of small 925 silver beads. The filigree silver elements symbolize the many types of rice in Southeast Asia.

Together with jewelry designer Cynthia Lopez, young mothers and residents of the “Fundación Renacimiento” aid project in Mexico make the silver pendants for the chain. This silver is recycled silver, old jewelry and cutlery that is melted down again.

The fine geometric silver pendant is handcrafted from recycled silver. The processing of the silver and entrepreneurial knowledge are passed on to the young adults.

The shape of the trailer resembles the floor plan of the Mercedes-Benz Museum;  a rounded Reuleaux triangle.

 Product details:

  •  Silver chains made of 925 silver and handcrafted by the mountain people "Karen"
  •  Pendant handmade in Mexico in the "Fundación Renacimiento" aid project
  •  Length: 60cm
  •  Jewelry from Umiwi, Berlin
  •  Shape of the trailer based on the floor plan of the Mercedes-Benz Museum


Background of the project in Thailand:

Specializing in silver handicrafts, many "Karen" earn their living and use it to support their families.  Unfortunately, they are not properly rewarded by the Thai and foreign customers.

The roots of the "Karen" are in Myanmar and Thailand they belong to the Southeast Asian hill tribe.  In Thailand, almost half a million "Karen" live in small mountain villages in the north-west of the country.  A people in transition between modernity and tradition.  On the one hand, they want to live on their traditions, their own language and culture as "Karen", but they also know that it is necessary to further integrate into Thailand.  Discrimination, poverty and the associated disadvantages are the greatest problems facing the mountain population.

Background of the project in Mexico:

The aim of the “Fundación Renacimiento” is to rehabilitate young people, to grant them their right to education and training, so that they can then survive on their own.

Background of Umiwi:

The fair jewelry label Umiwi from Berlin encourages young people and women from difficult backgrounds to live independently, cooperates with social organizations, small mountain peoples in developing and emerging countries and in the future also in Germany.

 Economic and intercultural cooperation favors financial independence and independence of aid projects and their people.