Mercedes-Benz W25, # 4, GP Monaco, 1935, Fagioli

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Product information "Mercedes-Benz W25, # 4, GP Monaco, 1935, Fagioli"

The W25 was originally painted in white. With a weight of 751 kg, the vehicle was not approved for racing use. The time was short, therefore the mechanics improvised and dragged off the paint from the vehicle to come to the approved 750 kg. The result was the legendary Silver Arrow. With the # 4 Luigi Fagioli was awarded in 1935 as the winner of the GP of Monaco. It was the first time that this race saw a start-finish victory.
The limited model was assembled of more than 610 parts handmade and impresses with its detailed implementation.

Product details:

  • Internal designation: W 25
  • Year of construction: 1934
  • Color: silver 
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Material: diecast
  • Manufacturer: CMC