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Product information "Stromlinie"

»The stream line is much more than just a physical phenomenon. It reveals a huge potential in the aesthetic design of our vehicles, it has a high social relevance, and it gives our unconscious desire for immersion in an infinite speed increased its shape.« (Malte Jürgens) The history of the automobile is always a search for the most streamlined design, and it says this jewel of automotive literature. This limited book demonstrates masterpieces from the aerodynamics and the revolution of developing automobiles. A wide variety of streamlined cars give here an aerodynamic tryst. 23 vehicles not only the large and still active brands tell in this exclusive their splendid stories from the wind tunnel, but now almost forgotten name.
Product details:

  • Author: Malte Jurgens / Michel Zumbrunn
  • Publishing: Book Publishing Engine
  • Language: German
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Page Number: 324
  • Illustrations: 180
  • Format: 320mm x 235mm

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