Book Hans Herrmann-Story

Book Hans Herrmann-Story

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Product information "Book Hans Herrmann-Story"

Hans Herrmann is one of the largest race car driver of the after-war-area. Once he said in an interview: "surviving is having luck". The line between genius and physics is quite small and the grand-prix driver has crossed this line more than once. His first win for Porsche on the Le Man ralley in 1970 was at the same time his biggest success. Hans Herrmann turned 80 years in February 2008. Excactly the right purpose to appreciate this expert with a large-sized historical-view. His biography describes the most important stages of the life of this Swabian racing legend - two decades as he was a driver as well as his successful time as manager of his own company. 
Product details:
Author: Frank Wiesner
Publication: Motorbuch Verlag
Book cove: book-jacket
Pages: 320
Picutures: 311 b/w & 56 coloured pictures
Size: 240 mm x 310 mm

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