Classic Calendar 2019

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Product information "Classic Calendar 2019"

Moving images: You have never seen a Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar like this before. An augmented reality app makes it possible. Simply point your smartphone or tablet at the calendar; the social media content and emotionally charged films then added to the printed motif will take you into the fascinating digital world of Mercedes-Benz Classic.


A road trip in a 1960s luxury saloon from Stuttgart to Monaco? The legendary Mercedes-Benz C 111 out and about on public roads? The “1000 Miglia” road race right across Italy in a Mercedes-Benz SSK? Impassioned moments like these are the result of Mercedes-Benz Classic regularly presenting top-class vehicles up close at international events, motorsport events and other occasions.


The Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2019 allows you to share in the dream cars with the star more vibrantly and diversely than ever before.