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Stylish inside and outside: the lining of the AMG FALLJACKET is an elegant eye-catcher. The AMG FALLJACKET is the centrepiece of the collection, combining the best of materials, technology and fit. This high-end product is a unique style accessory for both men and women.


The very first early winter leisure jacket to be specifically engineered for automotive use by ASSOS for AMG Performance Wear. The special down used in the AMG FALLJACKET ensures it always retains its shape – it is easy to pack away and take with you anywhere you like, and won't look crumpled afterwards. The flexibile jacket takes the pressure off your joints, because the AMG FALLJACKET adapts to all of your movements – no matter if you are outside hiking or driving your car. Combining the best of materials and technology, the jacket is the heart of the collection and a true eye-catcher.


Parts: 6 textiles, 27 patterns and 13 components.




Made in Lithuania

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